Thoonen Metaalbouw continuously keeps its production process up-to-date. You can benefit from this too. You can outsource either all or part of your production to Thoonen Metaalbouw. Consider for example saw operations, milling operations, welding work or other (computer-controlled) metal operations. Whether you need one-off or recurring work, a single piece or a range of products, Thoonen Metaalbouw can produce it for you.
The checking and the maintenance of your windows and doors are also in expert hands at Thoonen Metaalbouw.

Thoonen Metaalbouw
Bedrijfsweg 9
6541 DC Nijmegen
the Netherlands

T +31[0]24 - 377 09 77
F +31[0]24 - 377 28 48


BTW 0089 83 812 B01

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